mercredi 26 janvier 2011


Box Photo : This is a Photograph of the hole box, the box was about 
movement, the man moved from the tombstones (Right ), to the Tree and 
to the Woman (Left). 

Tombstones : This photograph is from a box that we did for a project, as I love gothic things, tombstones are right up my street.

The man : This Photograph, a close up of the figure, I like it because it captures
sadness and loneliness.

 Portraits :

Romain :  what I like about this photograph is the expression on his face,
 the look in eyes, the shadow behind his head.

Josian : I like this portrait, because when you look at it, you wonder what he 
is actually doing and what is he is feeling, I feel that he is happy but trying to 
contain it, and I like the way his hands are.

Anais : I picked this Photo because of the posture and the expression on the 
models Face.

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